Frances Grey is a boutique for all women. Showcasing designs from around, amazing vintage pieces and local artists. Strong--mysterious--beautiful--inspirational--powerful women. It's a contemporary approach to women's fashion honouring sustainability, personal style, minimalism and an androgynous aesthetic. 

Frances Grey blurs the lines. She challenges and redefines the feminine style of dressing. We aren't defined by one way, or one gender. We have so many layers and desires and needs. Frances Grey provides women with multi-layers to explore their style, moods and vibes. She loves old world, classic structured pieces, art deco, utterly feminine and modern masculine styles.  

Beauty and elegance combined with the refined, edgy and playful sides we all possess!

Frances Grey provides women with an array of beautifully designed and carefully chosen pieces of clothing that allow women to create and enhance their own personal sense of style. Frances Grey is filled with beautiful pieces that suggest a great commitment to strong details, lines and cuts.  

A boutique that provides new and a small selection of great vintage pieces that have a real sense of ease, incredible wearability while being utterly beautiful feminine and handsome - perfect combinations!  


Owner and founder of Frances Grey, Spring 2015

I am a Victoria native with two beautiful children, have my Bachelor's Degree in Education and co-created and owned an award winning development company for 10 years. I am an artist. I love to paint abstract paintings that showcase my passion for the deeper hidden parts of ourselves. I also create beautiful dreamcatchers from vintage doilies, combined with many found wonderful treasures.  

I am thrilled to be fulfilling a life-long dream and passion for creating a fabulous shopping experience for all women and help them feel strong, sexy and confident. Since I can remember, I have dreamed of designing and dressing women. My girls always call me when they want to go shopping because they trust and know I will find them that amazing 'piece' that is just so right for them.   

My intention is to bring in design labels from around the world that allow women to play, explore and discover their own unique voice through what they wear. The clothing a woman chooses to wear is such a deeply personal and unique reflection-expression of who and how she chooses to be in the world. The best part is we get to redefine ourselves each and everyday.  

"People will stare. Make it worth their while." - Harry Winston